Intro to Becoming a Self-Taught Web Developer

Hi, my name is Martin and I'm a self-taught full-stack web developer. Do you want to become a developer too? Great! You’re in the right place to learn how!

Here you’ll find out everything you need to know to start your journey of becoming a web developer.

I’ll explain in detail how to start, how and what to learn and how to keep going despite coming obstacles and loosing motivation. I’ll show you the skills you need to obtain with a huge list of free resources and tools. And finally, you’ll find out how to approach companies so you’ll get a job as a self-taught programmer even without a CS degree.

If you don’t feel like reading it all now (it can seem like a lot of stuff, I know), then bookmark this site and read it part by part later when you have the time.

I made this information available because I found out most articles about this topic are pretty bad. I wanted to make a website with really well organized and easy to understand information. I know how many inexperienced learners need it.

Also, I did it from my own experience as a self-taught programmer. When I started learning programming I knew nothing about web development. Now I count years during I’ve happily worked in this field.

Why This Website Is Different

So you aspire of becoming a web developer? Or you just want to change career to programming in general? You can do it without any school or even without any money invested. Isn’t it great? But what is not so great is that maybe you’re not that well prepared for this. Well at least not that well as you could be. Let me explain.

I'm not talking about your current skills. That’s just a starting point. The problem for many people is they don't know how to start, what to learn, how to learn and don’t know the right steps to get their first developer job. They’re not sure what to expect. It’ll probably come a time when they feel overwhelmed. That’s why many people quit early. Despite all of this, I have great news.

It’s very doable. If you have a computer with internet connection and your English is at least somewhat good, then you're ready to start. This website is your first step of becoming a web developer. You can find it useful for learning programming in general, and even in many other areas of work and life. But content written here is quite different from what you’d find elsewhere.

You won’t find ordinary stuff here like most of the articles about this topic are written. If you Google how to become a programmer you’ll find many articles with titles like “How to become a programmer in 5 steps”. Or you may find an article that feels like it’s written by a bot. It gives you a list of languages you should learn, and that’s it, now go and learn everything. This is not the way how it should be explained.

Let’s be honest from the beginning. There aren’t just 5 steps. There are hundreds of them. There’s no way how to do this easily. There’s no cheating. But there are very helpful things we’re going to use.

There are some amazing learning techniques and great ways how to take your productivity and thinking to the next level.

I’ll explain here much of the stuff I didn’t find when I was starting with programming. Well mostly because I didn’t even know I should search for it. It’s quite possible you aren’t aware of it too. I see the same problem among newbies again and again.

I made this website because I think my experience can be very useful for you. I was like you. I know what it takes to fight with all the obstacles and how to eventually found success in this pursuit. I know what you know and don't know. I know many of you have doubts if you can do it. I had some doubts too.

Everything I know about programming I learned independently from any school. And you can too. You can accomplish this for free on your own. It just takes your time and dedication.

I recommend reading trough this website from the start (Before You Start Learning) to the end (Landing Your First Job), because it follows practical order of things. But feel free to skip parts you’re not interested in right now.

I was able to find success in this field partly thanks to many more experienced developers willing to help me. This website is my way how to contribute to the community of online learners. I hope this little guide will help you to become a programmer. I know you can do it :)

Let's start